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Monetisation and PPP

Private Placement Programs (PPP) act as a bridge between the public or private sector investors and the financial markets. They provide an opportunity for dynamic flow of funds and thereby increase the trade avenues.
Definition of High Performance Plans or Private Placement PPP Program. This is an investment system that previously was reserved only for the very wealthy, so that the yields obtained were dedicated in whole or in part, in humanitarian works. Right now this system can access people not considered as great fortunes.
This investment system has nothing to do with the traditional business of banking. Practically none of the professionals who are currently working in a financial institution, you know. However, in the press, we have the opportunity to read articles from the Fed, the IMF,etc. advising financial institutions to reduce the number of trading operations and engaged in their traditional business.
The safety of the invested capital is determined by the rules governing the secondary market. The investor is the one who orders his bank make a blockage of its funds (Swift MT-760). From not happen a third world war, capital can not miss. As an example, we can state that in the event of a side composed CASH, money moves investor Bank. This bank must always be a top 25.
For the Bank can do this “business” with its own funds, it is required by law, the investor contribution collateral. This collateral can be CASH, Financial instruments (BG, SLBC, MTN's, CD, SKR), deposits of gold or diamonds, ...
All contracts between the investor and the Bank, under the rules set by the FED, the FMI and the ICC.
We offer our clients connection with financial companies and traders carrying monetization of financial participation in PPP programs.
If you want to assist you to monetise your financial tools and offer participation in PPP programs sprinkle on Contacts.