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Innovative Investment
Programs + Gold

We mediate between clients and foreign financial institutions to participate in the Innovative Investment Programs (IIP).
IIP provides:
-  Annual yield - obtained through a complex capitalized interest and use of various financial products - about 12% per year (on average about 1% per month) without the use of credit by IIP and about 18% (average 1.5% per month) with use of credit 60% provided by IIP.
-  IIP allows within 2-3 servant. days to get a loan in the amount of 60% of the amount deposited in the IIP. The resulting credit, which can again be left in IIP to provide additional return or be used for other purposes.
-  Minimum period of remuneration in IIP - 1 day, allowing the generation of income from short amounts left in trust.
-  The funds in the IIP are not blocked. They are free and at any time can be used at the discretion of the customer - for towing, lodging and transfers of funds without restriction. IIP can be used as a checking account.
-  IIP has convenient Internet banking for account management - monitoring interest income to make payments and other transactions.
-  IIP Each account can have up to 4 Debit MasterCard cards to withdraw cash anywhere in the world.
-  Fee IIP (ajio) - 6% which is deducted once. The fee for ajio actually recovered about 4 months of interest, then only generate revenue IIP. Fee ajio not charged with repeatedly depositing and withdrawing money if these operations are up to the amount which is already charged fee ajio. Ajio fee may be taken and credit.
-  Minimum IIP at 10 000 € / $. Maximum amount - without restriction. Minimum activation bank account 1 000 € / $.
-  Deadline pick IIP - one working day.
-  Security - Security funds in the IIP is achieved by facilitating a prior withdrawal of 60% of the amount paid in the form of loans from the IIP through a special certificate issued by the organizer of the IIP. Security of funds (deposits) in all EU banks is 100 000 euro only regardless of the size of the deposit. In IIP security is 60% of the deposit amount.
- Additional security of funds invested in the IIP is that they are invisible and inaccessible, ie can not be seized by the state, tax, judicial and other authorities.
-  IIP can be successfully combined with the credits allocated to implement projects to generate income from free money that are involved in the project. With proper financial planning possible 100% of the project to be executed with the receipt of 60% secondary credit derived from IIP, which is paid by the interest received by the IIP for about 5 years.


IIP organize the sale and redemption of investment gold 24 car. - Coins and bullion. Gold is bought and sold on stock prices and stored in the vaults of the IIP or vault client.
Bullion can be purchased with credit provided by the IIP amounted to 60% of the amount available in the IIP. In practice customers will gain significant resource investment Gold 24 car. with money IIP will recover from interest for about 5 years. So the customer will win a double - once the acquisition of gold money of IIP and the second time by the steady increase of the gold price in the long term.