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Financial Instruments

Financial instruments are debt instruments created by large banks and institutions which have high interest rates, and strong value to the holder. The more common bank instruments are Bank Guarantees (BG’s), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), and Medium Term Notes (MTN’s), and they are issued by European banks mostly. Since it is very hard to attain the funds to purchase an instrument in full, many choose to utilize leased financial instruments.

We have contractual relationships with providers issuing financial instruments BG SLBC, LC, MTN, CD and others under the following conditions:
- Currency - Euro or USD;
- Issuing bank - top 25 banks rated AAA / AA. Contracts for the issuance of financial instruments may be signed by the customer with the provider or directly with the bank issuing the financial instrument;
- Type of financial instruments - leasing or bought;
- Type of issuance - issued or fresh cut. If you want to get a list of financial instruments issued in EUR or USD - purchased or leased, you can email us at Contacts.
- Minimum amount of financial instruments - 1 M € / $; Maximum size - without restriction;
- Important notice - all financial instruments  offered by us include an upfront payment. 100% of the price of the issued financial instruments are paid from 5 to 10 days after receipt of a financial instrument with MT 760 in the bank and the customer verification.
The lack of an advance any possibility of fraud.
- Procedure and the draft class of contract to issue a financial instrument available upon written request.
If you wish to receive a financial instrument by us please contact us at Contacts.